Crafting Essentials

All-year-round we stock a range of crafts for your DIY projects so whether you’re an arty creative or a school pupil with a homework project, Sugar and Spice is Ponty’s no 1 for crafty bits and bobs. We love being creative ourselves so someone is always on hand for advice on making Easter bonnets, St David’s Day projects, Royal celebration crowns or any task you’ve been given.

Paper, Foam and Felt

Funky Foam (Small: 9in x 12in) – 85p

Funky Foam (Large: 12in x 18in) – £1.50

Tissue Paper (10 sheets 50cm x 75cm) – 95p

Shredded Tissue (20g)- £1.00

Crepe Paper (150cm x 50cm) – 75p

Gold and Silver card (4 x A4) – £1.45

Gold and Silver card (10 x A4) – £1.99

Pastel Paper (40 x A4) – £1.99

Funky Felt (9in x 12in) – 85p

Foam and Felt Shapes


Feather boa in a choice of colours (approx 1.5m) – £3.99

Pack of yellow feathers – £1.00

Pack of feathers (assorted colours) – £1.00

Sequins and Stickers

Paints and Brushes

Acrylic paint (120ml) – £1.50

Glitter paint (250ml) – £1.50

Assorted craft paints – £1.50

Assorted brushes – £1.50

Old Favourites

Easter Specials – 3D Bunnies, Chicks and Eggs


All purpose PVA Tacky Glue (60ml)- £1.99

All purpose PVA Tacky Glue (120ml) – £2.99

PVA glue (250ml) – £1.99

PVA glue (500ml) – £2.99

Double-sided tape – £1.29 / £2.50

Stick-it dots – £1.99

Mini-stapler with 500 staples – £1.50

Glitter glue – £1.50

All products are subject to availability. Prices are correct for March 2022

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