Party time

On June the 3rd 2022, the British government have declared we should all take the day off, to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee. So it would be remiss of us not to have a big party.

Whether you’re planning a super street party or a family gathering, we have what you need to throw a big shindig.

We are also selling special mementos to mark the occasion. After all, it’s quite unlikely any of us will see another platinum jubilee. Scroll down for official memorabilia.

All available to order for shipping or collection. Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

Union Jack party supplies

Paper plates (pack of 6) – £1.99

Paper cups (pack of 6) – £1.25

Bowls (pack of 6) – £1.99

Napkins – £1.50

Party Fun

Confetti shooter – £1.99

Tiara – £1.50

Medals (Pack of 6) – £1.99

Face paint – £1.99

Flags and bunting

Welsh or Union Jack flag on a stick – £1.00

Pack of 12 Union Jack flags – £2.99

Welsh or Union Jack flag 5ft by 3ft – £3.99

4m Square bunting – £1.99

7m Triangle bunting – £2.99

10m Square bunting – £2.99

Craft materials

If you’re the type of person who likes to craft your own decorations, we have a large range of craft materials in many different colours. Take a look at our crafts section to see what else we offer for creative people.

Commemorative memorabilia

Shop in store or order online

All party supplies, crafts and memorabilia are available in our Pontypridd shop while stocks list. To make enquiries or order online, please message us via our facebook page or phone 07879221379.

Postage fees may apply if applicable. Due to the time-sensitive nature of goods celebrating the jubilee, returns may not be available on certain items. These goods are not available on our club scheme.

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