Easter Bonnets

When the children come home, with that letter, or these days a pin on that app from the school, to make an Easter bonnet, this can fill some parents with dread or others excitement. Which ever type you are, we have lots of ideas to help you out. We have put together a range of hats you can purchase, or copy. All materials and decorations available in our Pontypridd shop or to order in the post. This year, we have also put together a range of ‘simple make’ Easter bonnet kits, with ready cut out components, so you and your child can craft together whilst adding your own personal touch with extra embellishments. See our crafting essentials post for available additional materials.

Ready-made Easter Bonnets for Boys and Girls

Some hats may sell out but can be made to order with enough notice. Sorry, we are unable to send these ready-made hats through the post.

Simple-Make Easter Bonnet Kits

These kits contain pre-cut components and instructions to make your hat. You will also need glue and stapler not included. Why not add some extra embellishments to give that individual look? Check out our crafting essentials

From £7.99, we are able to post these out P & P £3.00.

To order any materials or kits by post contact us on Facebook or give us a call on 07879221379 during normal business hours. You can also order and collect or alternatively visit our shop in Pontypridd Market Quarter to browse in person.

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