Pocket sized

We often say at Sugar and Spice we have toys to suit every pocket and in this post we’re talking literally. All these toys and gadgets are super portable and fit in your pocket or bag. Whatever the age, one needn’t go on a trip without entertainment to hand.

From our World’s Smallest range of toys these laser tag (£12.99) guns are small, light and all you need for active fun wherever you are. To win you fire the laser gun at the centre of your opponent’s gun. We also have play laser guns (£4.99) for pure fun.

Also in this range, we have the infinity ball (£3.99) that will answer all your questions and the smallest voice changer (£5.99) you’ve ever seen. Probably the most impressive of all is the fully functioning miniature arcade game (£9.99), which comes with loads of classic style games that will surely pass several hours on long trips.

Traditional toys that fit in your pocket include skipping ropes (£4.99), yoyos (£1.99) and castanets (£1.99). Made from wood, children will love these classic toys, even if they take time to master. Whilst battery powered gadgets are undoubtedly impressive, there’s something to be said about these timeless classics that will last the ages.

Our mini kaleidoscopes (£1.99) are pretty and colourful inside and out producing lovely symmetrical patterns when you look through the viewer. We loved collecting and playing with our marbles as children although we may have lost them now. Marbles come in lots of sizes and colours sold individually.

Impress your mates with these tricks that you can take anywhere with you. Pocket-sized magic tricks are £2.50 each and can be learned in no time at all. A set of three classic juggling balls (£5.99) might take you a little more practice before you can run away to join the circus.

For adventurers, this little compass is £2.50, this space torch is £4.99 and we have a mini globe £1.50. We also have a larger inflatable globe and lots of science inspired toys, some that make great stocking fillers and some that are great learning tools.

We have lots of portable games for travelling away or fun at a mates. The games above are £3.99 and come in a convenient metal tin. Other fairly portable games include a set of dominoes and board games.

Our card games include various themed Top Trumps and classics such as Happy Families. Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza is a fun card game for the whole family at £10.99, which offers an interesting take on snap.

Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the world and still popular after 25 years. Funnily enough the name comes from a contraction of pocket monsters so it’s apt that they feature here. The trading card game is the highest selling such game. We’ve stocked packs of these cards on and off over the lifetime of our toy shop and found that some of those fans are just as Pokemon mad today.

Alongside the trading cards, Pokemon nano blocks are a nice stocking filler for fans of the franchise. We also stock other sets of nano blocks including Sonic the hedgehog, which can be seen in our brilliant builders post.

Poppers and fidget toys give those who prefer to keep their hands busy, something to put in their pocket. More fantastic stocking fillers, the above photo is just a sample of our colourful range and includes the new popper fidget spinner (£2.50) which combines two crazes.

Squidgy, squishy, slimey or sticky, these toys have all the feels. Kids love spending their pocket money on such toys and we have quite a choice of toys with different textures. We also love to delight other senses with exciting sounds and fascinating imagery.

The wind-up toys below are small and fun with a variety of movements. Mostly priced at £1.99, they are another great option for pocket money spenders and treating the kids after Christmas when money is tight. Collect a new one on each visit to town perhaps.

Finally, we have lots of different plastic figures for collecting or for playing with. From official Disney characters to fantasy figures the range is too large for this post so come in to Ponty to see what we have. No doubt every child will find their favourite animal, dinosaur or character to take with them on every journey; the Woody to their Andy if you will.

For any orders or questions contact us on Facebook or visit us at Pontypridd Market Quarter. All stock is subject to availability and prices may change if you’re reading this at a later date.

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