The gift of being Welsh

However far you travel, wherever you live in the world, Welshness is in your heart and soul. Give the gift that makes a Welsh person smile this Christmas with a gift that reminds them of home. For those who are Ponty born and bred, for those who’ll never live anywhere else, for those from the top of the Rhondda to the bay of Cardiff, Sugar and Spice helps you celebrate the nation we call Wales.


Available in pink, blue and yellow our exclusively designed Pontypridd mug features the old bridge at the heart of the town’s history. We also have ‘Ponty boy’ and ‘Ponty girl’ mugs which suit people born in the town and surrounding area or just big fans of our town. If you know someone ‘dead posh’ they might love our mugs celebrating Pontypridd and The Rhondda Valleys. All these and other fab Welsh mugs are just £6.99.


Whatever your brew of choice, a coaster like these will you make you smile every time. Pontypridd coasters from £2.50 to £2.99. Also we have Wales coasters made from Welsh slate featuring the words of Swansea’s Dylan Thomas or the great castles of Caerphilly and Pembroke for £2.50 each.

Tea towels

Christmassy tea towels make an excellent festive gift. Large tea towels featuring our exclusive Pontypridd design of the old bridge also available on mugs, coasters, notebooks and magnets.


The traditional wooden lovespoon dates back to the 17th century and is a part of Welsh culture that is increasingly popular in modern times. Denoting love, luck and national pride, the lovespoon is crafted with amazing details. Our little lovespoons for £4.99 can be hung on the Christmas tree as Welsh themed decorations.

More gifts

Our very popular ‘I’m dead posh, I’m from the Rhondda Valleys and Pontypridd’ notebooks are £2.99 each. Plaques made from real Welsh slate with unarguable truths on them such as ‘Happiness is having Welsh friends’ and ‘There’s no place like home’ are just some of our great Welsh gifts.

Alongside wonderful local gifts we stock greetings cards inspired by Wales and in the Welsh language. If you’re looking for a festive card to send across the seas or just over the border this Christmas, we have a fab selection of cards from Wales, from Pontypridd or ‘across the miles’.

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