Brilliant Builders

Fans of construction toy brands such as Lego, Meccano, Knex and Airfix let us introduce to you some other established brands that you will love. We stock ranges of metalworks, blocks and model-builds for all ages. Here are some of our favourites.

Assembly Line Cars

Recommended for age 8+, these kits allow you to construct your own scale sports car. Tools included.

Junior Engineer Workshop

Inspiring budding engineers from as young as age 8, these kits come with all the tools and pieces included to make a super impressive construction.

Other construction sets

Cardboard Vehicles from My World

Easy to build model kits that make amazing working vehicles. Using basic construction skills (age 6+) they can produce a car or plane powered by elastic bands whilst the battery operated tank will roll across the room on its tracked wheels.


Using tiny blocks they can build a mini model that looks really neat. We have a choice of animals and characters including Pokemon.

Quick Build Airfix kits

This section of our airfix range is ideal for young fans and uses a standard brick building style of construction. See Airfix Kits for designs suitable for older and experienced model builders.


Another type of construction toy, these magnetic pieces are brilliant for all ages, with sets suitable for young children but with more complicated designs to follow for older children. They are great whether you are following the instructions or being creative on your own terms.

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