Chess club

This August, Sugar and Spice brings you our Summer Chess Club, every Thursday from 3pm.

Suitable for all levels and anyone over the age of 8, our chess club will include a lesson from our chess teacher, a chance to play and socialise with other chess fans and possibly a tournament if numbers permit. In partnership with the salad bar, we will have a weekly games cafe with numerous chess boards and some other games available.

Anyone can come along. Come by yourself; don’t worry, our staff will give you a game if no one else is available. In a friendly atmosphere around our enormous chess board, families can learn chess together. This could be a fantastic and almost educational activity for kids over age 8 in the school holiday.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from our shop in Pontypridd for £2.00 per person. You do not have to turn up every week but you’re welcome to attend as many weeks as you like.

The following optional chess lessons are planned;

4th August: Chess for beginners

11th August: How to think like a chess player

18th August: Killer tactics; Check mate

For companions not particularly interested in chess, other table games will be made available. Refreshments and snacks are available from the Salad bar until close.

Our giant chess board

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