Teachers and tutors

Teachers deserve a big thank you. Whatever the level of education, we have some amazing gifts for special teachers and their assistants, so you can say ‘Thank you’ or if you prefer ‘Diolch’ to a teacher or athrawes who deserves recognition.

Scroll down for gifts in english and cymraeg. We can’t possibly demonstrate our entire range of gifts and cards on one page so if you can’t find something suitable, be sure to message us for recommendations. We have some bespoke options that are not only unique to Sugar and Spice but can be ordered for special situations. (Bespoke items must be ordered well in advance)

Cards for all kinds of teacher and staff

Open thank you cards

Cardiau Cymraeg

Gifts for teachers and others

All stock subject to availability. Our range of gifts may differ from year to year and prices where visible may have changed if viewed in later years. Hand-painted items may differ from the examples given. Goods ordered to collect are subject to our usual terms. Contact us to find out more.

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