Puppets are both fun and educational. They are great for fetching shy children out of their shell, as they are the perfect companion to whom they can have a conversation, which in turns helps them with their language development. A puppet can also make the most fidgety child sit and listen to stories as they give the added fun factor to keep a child’s attention. Best of all, children can put on a puppet show, making stories and letting their imagination soar.

Our newest range the ‘walking puppet’ is made from 100% recycled materials, reusing eighteen plastic bottles to make one puppet, and it is still amazingly soft. Best of all they are a great price at just £8.99 each.

Most of us have had some fun, turning a sock into a puppet. These luxury ‘sock puppets’ (£14.99 each) that fit the hand perfectly like a glove sock, take on a simple idea to present a toy that’s really engaging.

People Puppets from £9.99 – Great for story telling

A few more of our favourites

Prices correct for February 2022. Stock availability and prices are subject to change.

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