Role play

Stock availability and prices are correct for November 2021

Some kids can’t wait to grow up. They love pretending to be adults, copying Mam or Dad or other relatives or sometimes the people we meet in town. These high-quality wooden toys are scaled down inspiration from everyday life, the perfect size for children who like to pretend.

Village Shop £140

Whether they want to play the shop-keeper or the customer, this amazing shop is a world of fun to step into. Populate the shelves and counter with wooden food and accessories for imaginative play. Everything is sold separately so you can build your shop exactly as you like it and expand over time.

Reversible Hot Dog/Ice-Cream Cart £175

This cart doubles up as a hot dog stand or ice-cream cart by reversing the front. With all the ice-creams, sauces and snacks included that’s really good value for playing food cart vendor.

Dressing Table £115

Getting ready for an imaginary night out, they’ll need a dresser with a mirror like this one. With working draws for storing accessories (sold separately).

Diner and kitchen £200

This American style diner has a complete kitchen built in with oven, grill and cupboards. Add your favourite accessories from our large range of kitchen toys and they’ll be ready for their first customer.

Tea shop/Cafe £145

This sturdy wooden cart is a cafe on wheels, that works brilliantly with our wooden tea-set, the wooden coffee machine and a cake stand to name just a few of our available tea time play sets. Features a pull out draw and two wooden lollies.

Work Bench and Tools £75

It’s always handy to know someone who is very good at DIY, so why not encourage them to love their tools really early, with this impressive wooden work bench? It includes a working vice and several tools with a place underneath to store them.

Ice-Cream Parlour £119

Includes lots of lollies, ice-cream cones, and pots that can be stored in the sliding door compartment.

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