Play Worlds

Stock availability and prices are subject to change

Great for firing the imagination these wooden play sets are great to play with on a table top or on the floor. All come on a sturdy wooden board painted with beautiful details. Children love to collect animals, cars and figures and these sets make a perfect home for them. They can spend their pocket money adding to them, or maybe a grandparent may spoil them and buy them a little present, or a reward for good behaviour.

Oldfield Farm £59.99. 470mm x 110mm x 32mm. Moveable buildings, ladders and fences.
Cobblestone Farm £59.99. 450mm x 250mm x 450mm. Suitable for young children. Removable roof panels and working gates.
Fire Station £75.00. 450mm x 450mm x 450mm. Large double doors open to provide space for fire engine (sold separately) firefighter’s pole and training tower.
King George’s Castle £85.00 450mm x 310mm x 450mm. Working drawbridge and double doors. Knight figures available.
Lionheart Castle £115. 565mm x 605mm x 450mm. Lifting drawbridge and portcullis with winchladder and flags. Sits on a painted wooden base. Figures sold separately.
Fairytale Palace £85.00. 480mm x 480mm x 100mm. Removable roof panels. Working doors and shutters including secret door.
Fairybelle Palace. £110. 450mm x 450mm x 720mm. Features include a high tower, princess balacony, lifting drawbridge and working shutters and doors. Also includes little tea-set, bed with linen, table and chairs.
Dinosaur Island £75.00. 450mm x 427mm x 450mm. Comes with 8 wooden dinosaurs and a moveable nest with eggs.
Papo Zoo. £65.00. 540mm x 240mm x 370mm. High quality, superbly detailed plastic animals sold separately.
Park and Play Garage £80.00 450mm x 367mm x 450mm. Featuring a carwash, helipad and descending ramp. Removable petrol pump and a fully working lift.

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