Big Green Week

To support the Big Green Week, we have been busy saving waste, and finding a second use for it, which is not only great fun for the kids, but also makes them think what happens to all our rubbish.  Here’s one of our projects made from two large egg boxes donated by our local cafe’s.

Grinning Crocodile desk tidy

You will need, 2 large Egg Boxes, Green paint, Glue. White card/paper, two googly eyes   Egg Box One:

Cut the lid off the first egg box and then fold in half, along the width. Bend one of the side up slightly to make sure you get a nice wide grin.  With the bottom of the egg box cut off two egg holders, and put aside to make the Crocs eyes. Cut the remainder in half, length ways. Save one of these lengths to make crocs tail.

Egg Box Two:

Tape the side with some masking tape.  Make a small slit where the egg box joins together at the top and slip in the folded lid, you made earlier, which forms the crocs mouth and glue to secure. Then make a small slit in the bottom of the egg box and take one of the lengths from the first egg box and pinch end together and push into the slit and secure with some glue to form the tail.

When the glue is dry, paint your Croc in green and leave to dry

Cut out some sharp zig zag teeth out of some white card or paper and glue into your Croc mouth. Finally, your Croc needs to see to find his prey so paint the two egg cups you cut out earlier and stick on two goggly eyes, Or you could make out of some black and white paper or card, whatever you have to hand. Place just behind the croc mouth and glue down. Snap Snap.   He’s now ready to capture your pens and pencils.



Another great recycling project

You will need a plastic bottle, pink felt, foam or card, and googly eyes

To make this little piggy you will need a plastic bottle, some pink felt, pink foam or card, sticky tape and googly eyes.

We have used a small juice bottle, but you could make a large piggy if you have lots of pennies to save.

  1. use a craft knife, make a coin slot in one side of the bottle.
  2. The wrap pink felt around the bottle, and secure in place with some double-sided sticky tape or glue. Make a slit in the felt above the coin slot.

3. To make your piggy’s legs, cut your foam or card into 4 equal strips, about 2 inches wide then roll each piece together, and glue edge to keep together, repeat four times.

4, Unscrew your bottle top and use as a template to cut out a piece of pink felt. Then just glue to bottle top and screw back on, and then you have your snout.

5 Cut out two ears, and just pinch edge together and glue to give a good shape, then glue on to the top just in front of your coin slot.

6. To stop your piglet rolling you need to attach his little trotters, glue securely.

7. Lastly of all no little piglet is complete without his curly tail, just roll up a narrow piece of foam, keep together for and while and then just let it uncurl, and glue on to back of piglet

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