Train sets

Train-sets are probably the quintessential toy, the nation’s favourite and the one classic that links all children. For years, Sugar and Spice has been known for our range of trains, which we are proud to say are available on our display tables for children to play with, one of the things that separates us from the big boys and makes our toy shop the iconic destination for kids to visit.

We sell trains for everyone, from baby’s first train-set to the iconic scale model for an adult collector. Here are some of the trainsets we currently offer for younger customers.

Town and Country Train Set £48.99

Town and country train set

This set is a great way to begin building a town, which can grow with them. With 101 individual pieces including people, houses, train and other vehicles, this set alone has all the essentials to make a bustling town but there’s still plenty of scope for future presents and pocket money toys. Here are some recommended add ons to expand this train set;

Dinosaur Railway Set £55.00

Dinosaurs and trains! In one toy? What’s not to love? This award-winning train set will spark young imaginations about a fantasy land that time forgot.. maybe? All these sets use the standard size track and so can join to any other wooden train set but here are a few additions that might work well;

Fairy Town Train Set £54.99

Fairies, magic and the colour pink. An unusual theme but a popular train set for fantasy play. The award-winning 75 piece rail set comes with wooden fairies and a pretty pink train plus lots of magical scene builders to make the fairy town including tunnels and suspension bridge. Here are some expansion options for this set and a smaller fairy-themed train set for £24.99

Construction Train Set £48.99

Build a train set, build a world and then build some more. This construction themed set comes with two illustrated mats and 50 pieces including buildable houses and container tunnel with working doors. Here are some expansion options for this set;

Fire and Rescue Train Set £38.99

The fire and rescue set has 39 pieces to begin or expand their railway world. Great for imaginative play, it even comes with a cat to be rescued. You may also be interested in

All prices are correct for September 2021. Please be aware that prices and stock may have changed.

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