Our Savings Club

Here you can find all the information about our long-running savings club or ‘Christmas club’. This page is useful for those who have clubs with us and for those thinking of starting one. To confirm your membership please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

What is it?

Our savings club is a service we have provided for over 25 years providing customers a convenient way to shop for big occasions. It allows them to spread the cost of expensive presents and reserve goods in advance. The scheme operates all year round so whether you’re saving for Christmas, a birthday or another important event, you can pay for it your way, and at no extra cost.

How does it work?

Even if you don’t know what you want yet, you can still start a club with us. Simply make payments to us; how much and how often is completely up to you, and we’ll record your balance. The club is open as soon as you make your first payment and closes when your balance is zero and all goods are collected.

If you already know what you want or once you’ve decided, you can request goods to be put by. These will be taken off the shelf and kept safe for you. A minimum deposit and other conditions outlined below apply to clubs with goods put by.

Each club is assigned a unique number, which you should refer to whenever you make a payment. When you start a club in our Pontypridd shop or on your first visit to the shop after starting a club remotely, you’ll be given a card to help remember your balance and club number, but it’s not essential to bring it with you as we record all the details.

Once you’ve paid enough to cover the full cost of these goods, you can arrange a collection date. Please note that it may be possible to pick up goods at the point of final payment, but we recommend you contact us in advance to make sure goods are ready.

Collections / Deliveries

Goods are usually collected from our shop premises in Pontypridd. However, if for any reason we are unable to open or access is otherwise restricted, we will arrange delivery of goods at no extra cost to the best of our ability.

If a customer is unable to collect goods, we will endeavour to offer an alternative such as delivery or postage. This may include a charge unless otherwise agreed. If unable to collect, customers should let us know at the earliest opportunity and due to possible third parties we cannot guarantee goods will arrive on time.

When planning to collect goods, customers are advised to arrange a collection date, especially at busy times of the year. If you do not fair warn us that you are collecting, there may be a delay when it comes to picking up the goods. Around Christmas, we request that all club members, arrange a collection date for a few days before we close for the holidays and take no responsibility if goods are not collected in time.

How to start a club / How to make payments

Customers can make their initial payment to open a club/reserve goods and any further payments in any of the following ways;

A cash or card payment in the shop during normal opening hours

A Paypal payment

A card payment taken over the phone during normal opening hours

How you make your initial payment does not change any terms of service nor affect how future payments are made. To start a club remotely, the customer should contact us by phone, Facebook or using the form at the bottom of the page and make a payment after confirmation from a Sugar and Spice employee. To make a payment by Paypal for the first time, contact us for account details. When making any follow-on payments remotely, an existing club member should always contact us as soon as possible to let us know a payment has been made.

What goods can I use my club for?

All goods that we sell can theoretically be put away on club. This includes anything from our range of toys, gifts and collectibles. However, to put goods away in the first instance, the total value must come to more than £25. This means that items of less than that must be put away with other goods.

Any positive amount in your account, that being money on your club that is above the amount relating to goods put away, can be spent on anything in the shop with no restrictions.

Putting goods away

To put away (reserve) goods, a club customer must pay a deposit of at least £10 or 20%, whichever amount is larger. This deposit doesn’t have to be paid in one payment. If more goods are added, the deposit amount may need to be increased, and new items will not be reserved/put away until the deposit amount is met.

Items that are put away are immediately removed from sale ensuring availability. Some of our items are extremely popular and sell out some time before Christmas but goods put away on club are guaranteed. For this reason, deposits are non-refundable in the event that the customer changes their mind.

Once goods are put away, we require at least one payment a month and for at least half of the balance to be paid off within two weeks of collection to keep goods away. Before goods are returned to sale, we will contact the club holder, giving a 7 day notice. The club holder will still be able to spend any money on their club and make future payments, however if the initially reserved item sells out, they may lose their deposit.

Goods should only be considered ‘put away’ when confirmed by a representative of Sugar and Spice. A commitment to order more stock or a discussion about intent to pay a deposit is not enough to guarantee goods.

Goods on order

In some cases, we may offer to order items especially for a customer. This is offered entirely at our discretion. In such a scenario, we usually ask for a deposit to reserve the item. However, the item is not guaranteed or considered put away until it arrives in our shop. At this point we would contact the customer to let them know and the usual terms and conditions of the savings club apply.

On other occasions, we may have an order on the way but not for any specific customer. We may offer to let customers know when the products arrive but this is not a promise of goods arriving on time or a confirmation of order. Club members will be able to ask to put goods away as soon as they’ve arrived.


Providing we fulfil our role, all money paid into a club account will only be returned at the discretion of the business owner. A refund or partial refund may be given if the club member acts reasonably and informs us in plenty of time.

When a customer decides they no longer want an item(s), it is our policy to not refund the minimum deposit paid to put goods away. Once the customer confirms they no longer want the item, the balance minus this deposit may be spent on other goods in our shop.

If a club member who has put goods away doesn’t meet our conditions they may lose their deposit. The remainder of the balance (if applicable) may be spent on other goods or a new deposit. A refund is offered solely at the discretion of the business owner and will only be given if a good reason for breaking our conditions is provided.

We will always give customers plenty of notice to confirm their clubs and collect their goods. If a club holder doesn’t collect their goods on time for their occasion, the goods will be waiting for them (until they break our conditions) and no refund will be offered.

Once goods have been purchased and collected, your customer rights are as normal and you may return goods if faulty for a refund or an alternative.

Abandoned accounts

At the end of each year, we clear our club book removing any closed accounts and transferring open clubs to the new book. We do all we can to contact any club members who we think may have forgotten about their clubs before Christmas and in the new year if any remain.

If a club with a positive balance (one that has more money paid into it than the value of goods put by or one that has forfeited a deposit and has a balance remaining) is inactive for 12 months with no correspondence from the club holder, it will be considered abandoned.

Your personal data

We handle your personal information with care and according to GDPR (the law that governs how companies use your data). On opening a new club we will collect your name and contact information. This data is essential for running this service and will be available to all employees at Sugar and Spice. When the club book is cleared at the end of the year, any data for closed accounts will be safely disposed of. Records for payments may still be held. If you are in any way concerned about the use of your personal data, please contact us.

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