The great outdoors

Summer is here.. hopefully it will be a fine one. There are many ways to make the most of the nice sunny weather. Here are a few suggestions for having fun in the great outdoors.

Fly a kite


Is there anything more magical than flying a kite, once you get it up there? The classic bow tail kite is £12.99 whilst our bee and lady bird shaped kites are £14.99 each. But for sheer convenience what could be better than a pocket kite for £5.99, which comes in it’s own little bag for easy carry?



Skateboarding is more popular than ever before having made its olympics debut in Tokyo. Small skateboard; £15.99, large £19.99. Various artwork designs available.

Sand toys

Buckets and spades

Whether it’s a trip to the beach or play in the sandpit, it’s definitely worth stopping by Sugar and Spice to stock up on buckets, spades, diggers and other toys. Spades from 75p, buckets from £1.00. Water/sand wheel £8.99.

Sand construction

Sandcastle builders will love these toys. Make bricks out of sand with a bricklayer set for £5.99. Dumper truck; £14.99. Sand digger; £7.99. Sand buggie; £8.99.

Bubble fun

Bubbles toys

Kids love blowing bubbles. Our bubble blowing devices from Gazillion do amazing things with bubble mixture; Sky bubbles: £8.99. Electric bubble wand: £11.99. Twirling bubble wand: £2.99. We also stock bubble mixture, and of course the old favourite hand held blow bubbles for just 75p

Balls for all

Ahead of the football world cup, call in to Sugar and Spice for a classic style football for £5.99. For young children our balls on elastic come in multiple colours and are great for bouncing and kicking at £1.99. We also stock Welsh rugby balls in two sizes.

Outdoor games

The outdoor ring toss set (£9.99) is very light and portable; great fun wherever there is space. Enjoyable for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Supersize tic-tac-toe (£9.99) is another fun game that can be played outside.

Flying rings

Another great way to get exercise, these flying rings can sure fly. £2.50 each in green, red purple or yellow.

Skipping ropes

Children’s skipping ropes for £4.99 each with three designs available.

Explore rockpools

We used to love exploring the rock pools as children. We have a few colours available in children’s size fishing nets £2.50 each.

All information is correct at time of posting. Stock and prices are subject to change.

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