Egg-less-ent presents

Easter Sunday is fast approaching (17th April 2022) and soon after we’ll all be literally sick of chocolate. But not everyone appreciates an Easter egg and sometimes there are more thoughtful gifts that will delight children for much longer. Whatever your budget and whatever the age of the recipient, you’ll find a lovely present at Sugar and Spice, but if you’re looking to stick to the Easter theme, here are a few eggs-tra creative suggestions.

£6.99 each

Lovely, cuddly and soft, an Easter Bunny or an Easter Chick that doesn’t lay chocolate eggs seems quite rational. I mean who ever heard of a rabbit laying eggs?

£6.99 – £10.99

We have other soft toy animals too, such as ducks that have bags full of character and soft woolly lambs. Or how about a Ty Squish-a-boo?

I know what you’re thinking? That chick squish-a-boo is a bit too egg-like. You’re thinking of Easter eggs again aren’t you? Well for this next suggestion forget chocolate and think radishes..

Peter Rabbit has to be our favourite bunny and there is a large range of official Beatrix Potter toys at Sugar and Spice for children and toddlers.

Or seeing as it’s now Spring, or will be by the time Easter arrives, how about a present that says it’s time to get back into the garden. As featured on the BBC entrepreneurial show Dragon’s Den, these plantable children’s books from Willsow are such a clever way to grow vegetables.

£8.99 each

Ok. So after all that, you still want to get them an egg? Well, it doesn’t have to be chocolate…

This Humpty Dumpty is so soft he can have a great fall all day long. Here he is sitting next to a Unicorn egg.

Humpty: £11.99, Unicorn hatch hero: £6.99

I guess you didn’t know Unicorns grow from eggs? Maybe eggs aren’t all that bad after all.

Scrambled heads: £1.99, Hatch heroes: £1.99, Growing Unicorn: £3.50

Availability not guaranteed, prices are correct for March and April 2022

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