Flashback to Superfun

We love hosting exciting events for kids particularly with our friends and neighbours the Salad bar. This unique event took place back in August 2019; a “superfun” childen’s afternoon tea and comic book experience. If you’re interested in such events, you should know that our next event, a mad science party, is just around the corner; book tickets now for the 24th February.

Scroll down for the event video

This unforgettable quirky event in 2019 encouraged kids to use their imagination and creativity, as well as their artistic skills, to become their own superhero and document their adventure in a comic book of their very own.

After building up their strength with an afternoon tea fit for an avenger the little adventurers were given the first activity of their comic book. First they drew themselves into the story; then they became the story. Our heroes got to save the day at the zoo set up in our very own toy shop.

Each caped crusader performed admirably, becoming the star of the comic book story. See how well they did in our video below.

If you’re like to know more about upcoming events, make sure you follow us on all our social media channels. Importantly, if you have any suggestions for events you’d like to see or if you’d like us to bring back any events you missed first time round, please get in touch in any of the usual ways.

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