Large Vehicles

Prices and stock availability are subject to change

Large sturdy vehicles are a firm favourite whichever material they are made from. But our Green toys, made from recycled plastic, are definitely among the best of materials. If you know someone who loves toy vehicles, you may also be interested in our Wow Toy range, our range of train-sets, our scale-model vehicles and our small toy cars, but here are some large toys we offer our young customers.

Wooden vehicles

Car carrier with three wooden cars £21.99
Wooden fire engine with adjustable ladder £18.99
Police car £18.99 with removable roof for inserting figures (sold separately)
Sturdy bulldozer with moving parts £28.99. Set of four builders £19.99
London tourist double-decker bus over just 1ft in length £48.99. Removable roof and upstairs seating.
Tractor and trailer with numbered blocks £19.99

Construction toys

Perfect for playing in the sand. Dumper truck £17.99 and Digger shovel £8.99

Battery powered vehicles

The Junior Crew – Power tracks friends train set £29.99 has motorised action and sound with a station platform controller for great sensory fun.
Remote-controlled tractor £49.99 with lights and sound. Approx 30cm
Mighty Fleet Police Interceptor £24.99 with motorised movement and realistic sounds and effects. Approx 40cm
Mighty Fleet Fire Engine £24.99 with motorised movement and realistic sounds and effects. Approx 40cm

Green toys

These vehicles are made from 100% recycled plastic, and even the packaging they come in is from recycled material.

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