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Children love to imitate mummy and daddy so feeding, dressing and nursing dollies have always been something most children love to do. We have some lovely dollies, suitable from birth up to whatever age you want. As children grow up at their own pace, we don’t like putting an age limit on any of our toys.

Baby dolls

Range of baby dolls. The basic smallest little love’s start from just £9.99 and has a soft body, perfect for a very young child. Our doll Phoebe has a soft body and comes with feeding bottle and tray, and makes 16 real baby sounds. Splash baby has a vinyl body and is fully bathable, comes with a fabric nappy, vinyl duck and deluxe bathrobe, Great fun for bath time. Baby dribbles can even use the potty, and baby joy is a great size for prams and cots.

Prams and cots

Whether you are looking for a pram, for your child to push outside, or a cot and wooden pram to play in the nursery, we have some good quality choices, that go perfectly with our dolls.


Of course your doll, like babies, will need some extras, so we have plenty of bibs, nappies, and feeding equipment, and even booties to keep their little feet warm and toasty


These rag dolls are suitable from birth. Clothes can be removed for washing and extra outfits are also available.

Lottie doll and accessories

These dolls are suitable for an older child. Lottie is a great role model, she has lots of hobbies, and keeps herself very busy indeed. She loves jumping in puddles, enjoys school, well most of the time. She can stand on her own two feet, and has ambitions to fly to the moon one day, but she is not in to much of a hurry to grow up yet. We have a range of accessories and outfits to suit Lottie’s every mood.

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