Fab Crafts Under £15

Prices and stock availability are subject to change

Boost their creativity and keep them busy for a few hours. Whilst crafty bits and bobs, materials and paints are ever popular, sometimes we need an inspiring idea or a handy guide to get our creative flow going. From stitchers to gluers, painters to pencillers we have a wide selection of craft sets, some of which are shown below. Amongst these crafty kits are some excellent stocking-fillers and Christmas presents.

Crafty Recycling

Do your kids love turning a loo roll tube, a carton or a bottle into a piece of art? Then they’ll love these kits. They provide everything you need to turn everyday rubbish into the illustrated projects; you just need to dip into the recycling bag.

Knitting, Sewing and Crochet

Learn the art of sewing or knitting and you’re guaranteed to have something special for your efforts even if you’re a beginner. These child-friendly kits make lovely projects. Adult supervision may be required.

Colouring Sets

Colouring-in is made extra special with these handy, portable colouring sets. Each contains the coloured pencils and pictures in a travelling case for plenty of fun. Special features include hidden patterns revealed by magical colouring, 3D effects and googley eyes.

Top Model Books

Combining colouring, stickers and fashion design, the Top Model range is extremely popular. Inspiring creativity and new hobbies, these are great presents for teenagers who are too old for toys. More stock available.

More fab crafts for less than £15

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