Seasonal Ornaments


The Robin is Britain’s national bird, and it’s no wonder it’s so loved, with his cheeky behaviour and bright red breast. Some people believe when they have lost a loved one, if they see a robin their loved one’s spirit is near. Our robin collection can be used outside as well as inside. Many of our robins have a stake attached so they can be planted amongst your Winter flowers.


Everyone loves a Penguin. With the exception of our fabric door stop, our penguins can be used outside as well as in. They make a great window display with three different dancing poses, just add some fake snow. approx 10inches high

Other Animals

Reindeers, polar bears and a winter fox, give us that winter feel to complete any festive display


These cheerful chaps, bring a smile to any face, to brighten up any shelf.

Christmas Characters

Angels, snowmen, and Santa and his sleigh all the essentials for any festive scene.

Christmassy Flowers and Vases

These Winter flowers bouquet, are beautiful and synthetic, that can be used year after year. Can stand on their own, or pair with our pretty glass vases.

Lanterns and Snow Globes

Choose between our battery operated lanterns, which light up and whirl up a snow storm, or the more traditional Snow Globe to shake by hand, either way a perfect addition to your seasonal displays.

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