We have a large range of dinosaurs, something for most fans of the ‘terrible lizards’. Our plastic models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are particularly popular and a favourite of collectors. For many years, our extensive range of Papo figures ( from £5.99 up to £24.99) has brought fans of all ages to our shop. We now stock some special dinosaur figures from the Natural History Museum, (prices range from £11.99 up to £16.99) which is sure to be another fun and educational option for young collectors.

Our Papo range, which includes Dinosaurs, other prehistoric beasts and modern animals is routinely updated. These figures are amazingly detailed and made from high quality plastic. Some of those we currently have in stock are pictured above but if you are looking for a specific figure pop in or send us a message.

Does your little one always wants to take a dinosaur out with them for the day, only to struggle picking just one favourite, so you end up with a backpack full of dinosaurs? Well, this clever little box contains six little dinosaurs, making a portable lost world that is easy to carry and great for imaginative play.

Lots of other dinosaur goodies, are also available to suit every pocket:

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