A lovely, home schooling project that’s both fun and educational, (great to show teacher too)

Show and Tell is an exercise used to help your child think creatively and boost confidence, ideally it should be performed to an audience, so that could be mam, dad, brothers or sisters.

Ask them to pick a toy (no video games): then describe the toy and what they like or don’t like, or anything they want, about it.

To enter:

Preferably record them, or just take a picture of the toy and either have them write a description or you can do it for them (but using their words).

Next post video or picture and description on your own facebook page and add us in by adding @sugarandspiceponty.

Or you post onto our Facebook page Sugar and Spice Ponty under visitors/community,

OR send it to us on facebook messenger

You can win a table top theatre, so if your child enjoyed preforming to you, they will love this.

Runners up will win one of these Zoobookoo.

These Cube books make learning fun, and are quite addictive, engaging your child with bite sized chunks of information.

The Judges will include Bigjigs Toy Company and local teacher Steve Wood BA PGCE

Judges are not looking for grammar or spelling, or quantity but imagination.

Thank you to Bigjigs toys for contribution of prizes

Closing date is Monday the 22nd February 2021

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