Thank you cards

Is there someone special you wish to thank? Someone who has been a blessing in your time of need? A friend who has gone above and beyond? A crucial key-worker who deserves a big thank you?

Great teachers come in many forms and teachers of all kinds deserve a big thank you. Whether your little ones have been tutored by a helpful relative or stayed in school throughout the pandemic, there’s someone in their lives who deserves a big thank you for their patience, understanding and perseverance.

We have a selection of cards in Welsh so you can say ‘diolch yn fawr iawn’ to a Welsh speaker and your Welsh-speaking children can thank athrawes (female teacher) or cynorthwydd dosbath (classroom assistant).

Send us a message on Facebook or phone us on 07879221379 to place an order or for more information. Free local delivery on orders over £6.00. We can pop cards in the post for you for 80p each (no minimum order with this option). ‘Thank you’ gifts are also available.

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