Ice Cream Parlour

Let their imaginations soar as they open their own little business in a world of playtime. Whether they are little shopkeepers in the making, dreaming of opening their own café or budding chefs, these high quality wooden toys are fantastic presents with lots of opportunities to build up and accessorise.

Ice Cream Trolley (£140) and Ice Cream Counter (£39.99)

Whatever the budget, you could have a little ice cream parlour in your living room with these toys. With a selection of wooden treats for your child to play with you could soon be offered plenty of cakes, lollies and ice-creams.

The classic barrow-style ice-cream trolley is a shop favourite, featuring a sliding door to the frozen compartment illustrated with classic ice-cream flavours. The set includes two magnetic ice-cream cones. We have lots of lollies sold separately that go well with this set.

The wooden counter with plastic screen makes a brilliant parlour. It comes with interchangeable ice-creams and cones for creative play offering customers a choice of flavours from the menu included. Ice-cream scoop, tongs and tubs included.

Ice  Lollies X 6: £14.99  Carlo’s Gelato stand: £19.99

Popcorn Machine (£24.99)


This vintage-style machine features a pop handle to bring the popcorn to life. Simply hold down and release the handle to see the popcorn jump in the machine just as they see in the cinema. Also includes a wooden pot and felt popcorn pieces for imaginative play.

Also available: selection of wooden cakes

card reader

And in this modern world a card reader is essential. £9.99

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