Christmas Boxes and Wrapping

Looking for exciting ways to give presents this Christmas we have a lovely range of bags and Boxes. We also have wooden Christmas Eve Boxes, suitable for personalisation.


Wooden Christmas Eve Boxes. These quality boxes will become part of your Christmas Tradition, as they can be kept and used year upon year – £14.99


Super Cute strong card box with fabric Santa or Snowman adorning the top – £4.99


Set of three boxes that make up to a Santa or Elf.  They are topped with a felt hat. These boxes are so pretty they would even make a great Christmas Decoration, even fill with sweets for special treats. – £5.99 a set


We have a range of Gift Bags in various sizes, a particular favourite is 1920’s Art Deco Bags from 85p


High quality single sheets of Christmas paper 15p or 8 for a £1.00.  Quality cards from 65p


The easy way to give this Christmas. These quality pretty gift envelopes are perfect to give money.

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